Sonic Speed Simulator is an official Sonic the Hedgehog franchise entry within the gaming platform Roblox, developed by Gamefam Studios in collaboration with Sega of America. This massively multiplayer online incremental platform game combines fast-paced action with incremental mechanics. Players embark on a journey to collect Chaos Orbs, enhance their speed and jumping abilities, and unlock new worlds.

The gameplay revolves around collecting Chaos Orbs and rings while navigating through a dynamic map. As players gather these resources, they earn XP, which in turn boosts their level, speed, and jumping power. Sky Rings offer extra XP, and completing quests, Time Trials, and utilizing in-game shops also contribute to XP accumulation. Rebirthing is an option that resets progress but restores Skill Points for permanent upgrades.

Initially, players use their Roblox avatars, but they can unlock various Sonic characters by fulfilling quests, event objectives, and utilizing special codes. Trails and pets with upgradable benefits can be obtained through vending machines, quests, event goals, and Time Trials. Upgrading these elements requires rings and Red Star Rings, and merging identical items yields “Evolved” forms.

The game’s progression is tied to Quests, with players needing six Gate Keys to unlock the next world. The combination of Sonic’s iconic speed with incremental mechanics makes “Sonic Speed Simulator” a unique addition to the Sonic franchise within the Roblox universe. Whether you’re a fan of Sonic or enjoy incremental gameplay, this title offers a dynamic and engaging experience for players of various preferences and ages.

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