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Twice Square introduces an electrifying and innovative Roblox event, sponsored by the popular South Korean girl group, Twice. This dynamic event, which commenced on March 8, 2023, marks a permanent and exciting addition to the Roblox universe. “Twice Square” serves as a virtual haven for Twice fans, also known as ONCE, to connect, engage, and celebrate the music and culture of the group.

Here’s a glimpse into the vibrant offerings of “Twice Square”:

– **Interactive Celebration**: Immerse yourself in the world of Twice as you interact with fellow ONCE to celebrate the essence of the group. The event offers a wide array of activities and engagements tailored to fans’ passions.

– **Trade and Collect**: Engage in item trading and collection, with plushies and avatar clothing inspired by each member of the group. This allows fans to embody the style and essence of Nayeon, Jihyo, Momo, Jeongyeon, Sana, Dahyun, Mina, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

– **Escape Room Adventure**: Embark on the “SET ME FREE” escape room challenge, inspired by Twice’s forthcoming lead single from “Ready to Be.” Team up with friends to tackle this exciting adventure, using collaboration and quick thinking to succeed.

– **Trivia Challenge**: Put your knowledge of Twice to the test in a trivia challenge that combines facts and time pressure. Race against the clock and challenge other ONCE to prove your expertise.

– **Dance and Emotes**: Enjoy emotes inspired by Twice’s iconic dance moves. These emotes allow you to channel the spirit of the group’s performances and create vibrant dance sequences.

– **Interactive Social Space**: Experience the virtual embodiment of Twice’s signature colors and connect with other fans. Leave notes for the members, snap selfies for social media, and even engage in voice chat functions for age-verified users.

– **Official Avatar Accessories**: Enhance your avatar with accessories inspired by the unique looks and styles of the members. These items bring a touch of Twice’s aesthetic to your Roblox persona.

“Twice Square” offers fans a multifaceted experience that goes beyond music activations. It creates an ever-evolving and immersive fan community, where ONCE can connect with one another, engage with the group, and celebrate the creativity and innovation that define Twice. The event introduces a new era of fan engagement on Roblox, providing a platform for fans to interact with their favorite musicians in a dynamic and ongoing way.

As “Twice Square” paves the way for fan expression, creativity, and friendships, it represents a new frontier in how fans engage with their favorite artists and immerse themselves in their music and culture within the metaverse.

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